Chapter 13 Lawyer, Pittsburgh

Chapter 13 Lawyer, Pittsburgh

chapter 13 lawyer pittsburgh

Finding a lawyer in Pittsburgh experienced in chapter 13 bankruptcy

Information on Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Finding an Experienced Lawyer

Are you considering filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy case without a lawyer?  Before deciding to file a bankruptcy petition without an attorney, you should consider that less than 3% of debtors who file chapter 13 cases on their own are successful.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases often involve complex calculations, procedural hurdles and occasionally counterintuitive laws that balance the interests of debtors and creditors.  Missteps by debtors who have had no legal guidance often result in their cases being dismissed.  Since most chapter 13 debtors seek bankruptcy protection in order to save their homes from foreclosure, the consequences of dismissal of chapter 13 cases can be catastrophic.  Before you decide to file bankruptcy without a lawyer, why not allow yourself the benefit of a free initial consultation to help you understand the road ahead?

The No-Cost Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Consultation

While bankruptcy lawyers are not required to provide free consultations, many attorneys will agree to meet with people in financial distress for an initial discussion.  For people facing mortgage foreclosure in Pittsburgh, there is simply no reason not to take advantage of a no-cost discussion with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Pittsburgh.

A free initial consultation will give you an opportunity to ask questions about the chapter 13 process.  Additionally, a bankruptcy attorney with experience in chapter 13 cases may be able to provide valuable insight into how chapter 13 cases are handled in your jurisdiction.  Procedural differences among bankruptcy courts can often be profound, and understanding those nuances prior to filing your case can be critical to achieving your bankruptcy goals.

The initial consultation will also be an opportunity for you to “interview” the attorney offering to represent you throughout your chapter 13 case.  It is important that your lawyer can effectively communicate with you.  You should be able to get complete answers to your bankruptcy questions.  The initial consultation serves as an opportunity for you to build a relationship of trust with your bankruptcy attorney.