How Do I Pay for Bankruptcy?

How can I afford to pay for a bankruptcy case? We hear the question so often that we thought it was time to post an answer on our blog. We think that the idea that someone can be too poor to file bankruptcy is as unjust as being too poor to afford an attorney in a criminal case. In 1963, the United States Supreme Court decided that people should not be denied access to a lawyer in a criminal matter involving the potential for imprisonment simply because they could not afford to pay that lawyer. Neither the United States Supreme Court nor the United States Congress has seen fit to provide similar protections to those facing financial ruin and in desperate need of a fresh start.

Robleto Law is proud to work with its clients to find payment arrangements that our clients can live with. Often, we will agree to represent individuals for as little as $100 down. When we agree to take on a case, your creditors become our problem. They are no longer permitted to make harassing phone calls to you–we deal with them. We have broad flexibility to create payment terms that will work for you. We can accept a credit card payment from a party that is not filing a bankruptcy case (think, parents or a non-filing spouse) or we can set up automated bank transfers at no additional cost.

If you believe you may have trouble paying for a bankruptcy case, contact us. We want you to have a fresh start, freedom from your debts and the ability to create a new financial future and improve your credit.

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