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Bankruptcy lawyers in Pittsburgh know critical the bankruptcy process can be for the people of Western Pennsylvania.  A bankruptcy under chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code can help those who just cannot pay their debts as they become due.  Although changes in the Bankruptcy Code have limited who can qualify as a debtor under chapter 7, most consumers find that they are eligible for chapter 7 bankruptcy relief.  The “means test” to determine eligibility is not transparent and intuitive to all people in all cases.  Often, a good bankruptcy lawyer can help you to determine whether you will qualify for relief under chapter 7.

We are also chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers.  We can assist you to develop a repayment plan to pay some or all of your debts over a period of three to five years.  Often, chapter 13 bankruptcy is preferable because it allows debtors to keep major assets like a home or a vehicle by catching up on the payments over time.  Still other debtors may have assets in excess of they are able to exempt from the reach of their creditors and, in order to keep those assets, are willing to fund a repayment plan.

In rare circumstances, it may be necessary for an individual to file a bankruptcy case under chapter 11.  More commonly, chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyers will file bankruptcy cases for businesses.  Pittsburgh business bankruptcy lawyers use chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code when a business wishes to reorganize and continue operations.  Chapter 7 also provides a means through which a business can orderly liquidate and discontinue.

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