Bankruptcy Lawyer – Finding the Right Fit

Bankruptcy Lawyer Needed to Assist Honest Debtor in Handling Debt.

A consumer in Pittsburgh might take out that advertisement in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and interview a dozen bankruptcy attorneys (if they had the time and were willing to pay for the ad).  Those interviews–while time consuming–would tell our hypothetical consumer a lot about bankruptcy attorneys in Pittsburgh.  The debtor would soon learn that some lawyers really seem to understand bankruptcy law well.  Beyond that, some lawyers are better able to explain the bankruptcy process to their clients than others.  The ability to clearly explain bankruptcy issues can be especially important in complex area of the law.  Understanding the means test, bankruptcy exemptions, chapters of bankruptcy and the meeting of creditors is essential.  Additionally, knowing how medical debt, credit card debt and student loans will be treated in a bankruptcy case is important.  A debtor should know what debts will be discharged before the bankruptcy case is ever filed.

Lawyers with an office in Downtown Pittsburgh will very often offer a free initial consultation.  While it probably does not make sense to interview a dozen bankruptcy lawyers, taking advantage of a free meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer just makes sense.  Make a list of your questions before you go into that meeting.  Make sure that you’re comfortable with the lawyer–both as a person and in terms of legal competence. If you’re not comfortable after your interview, move on.

The choice to file bankruptcy is a major decision.  Having the right bankruptcy lawyer can make a world of difference.

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