Litigation is the process of contesting a disputed matter before a court or other tribunal in order to determine the legal rights and interest of the parties. Companies and individuals often become entrenched in disputes that cannot be resolved without the assistance of experienced and creative civil litigation attorneys. The professionals at Robleto Law help their clients understand their options for out-of-court resolutions and prepare them for what can they might expect throughout the life cycle of a civil law suit.

Most businesses will have a need for assistance with litigation at some point in their existence. Virtually no business is immune to it and it is a very real cost of doing business. Our attorneys have extensive courtroom experience and know how to skillfully manage a case to position our clients for the best possible outcomes. However, because litigation can result in a delayed resolution and involve considerable cost, we consider continue to consider alternatives including negotiation, settlement and mediation both before and during litigation. We tailor our litigation strategy to the needs of each particular client. If commercial dispute is important enough to prosecute or defend, you deserve high caliber legal talent to protect your interests.

A particular focus of Robleto Law has been class action litigation. Class action lawsuits have a public policy goal of enabling people to remedy injustices committed by powerful corporations or other similarly large institutions. In a class action lawsuit, one or more representative plaintiffs file a complaint seeking to represent a class of similarly aggrieved parties. These types of cases begin with potential representative plaintiffs with the fortitude to step forward for the purpose of initiating litigation for a broader group of similarly situated individuals. The representative plaintiffs and the experienced class action lawyers at Robleto Law are available to protect the interests of injured parties who may lack the time and resources to commence a their own causes of action.

Businesses and individuals need skilled civil litigation counsel when it really counts.

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